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Amana Specialized Medical Clinic 

Amana Clinic is the most recent and comprehensive Medical Clinic in UAE - Abu Dhabi which provides complete and final solutions for anorectal problems.
Amana Clinic was established on 2009 by
Dr. Tamem Sakr M.D Specialist in General Surgery with 25 years’ experience in USA- UK- UAE.
We are following the exact standards of Mayo Clinic – USA.


We Treat Your Hemorrhoids (Piles) and All Other Anorectal Problems WITHOUT SURGERY, With The Most Recent Medical Technology.

  • No need for hospitalization.

  • No need general anesthesia.

  • No need to sick leave from work.

  • No need for any preparation.

  • Even elderly patients can be treated.

  • The treatment takes only one session with 10-15 minutes duration.

  • You can go back directly to your normal activities, no recovery period.

  • Safe and cost effective treatment.

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